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Mystery Oopsie Bags

Mystery Oopsie Bags

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During production, mistakes can happen :( 

However, these products are still highly usable and are still cute! There are no repeats in the same bag, but if you buy more than one bag there is a probability to receive repeats!

Please read our B-grade guide page for more explanation on what B-grade items are if you require it :)  

The content in each set are:

🍀 SET A 🍀
4x diecut vinyl stickers

🍀 SET B 🍀
4x diecut vinyl stickers, 1x button pin

🍀 SET C 🍀
4x diecut vinyl stickers, 1x sticker sheet

🍀 SET D 🍀
4x diecut vinyl stickers, 1x sticker sheet, 1x button pin

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