What are B-Grades?

Oopsies and mistakes can happen during production, unfortunately :( They'll then be categorized under B-grade items. These items are sold under a discounted price!

B-grade items are a little bit flawed, but otherwise still highly usable! Some of these items have the following flaws: 

  • Dust trapped under the laminate for stickers 
  • Imperfect lamination or slight scratches
  • Misaligned cuts 
  • Wrong sizes 
  • Colors that are slightly off from the final product
  • Damaged paint (for keychains/charms)
  • Printing imperfections in general

Or basically any flaws that I feel makes it less than perfect, compared to the final products. Below are some of the sample photos of B-grade imperfections:

Thank you for your consideration in purchasing these flawed products, and happy shopping! ✨